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Professional Petrol Engine Chainsaw

  • Fitted with a variable advance digital coil with rpm limiter, resulting in a smooth-running engine and improved cooling. 
  • Handle/fuel tank separate from the tool body. 
  • Automatic and adjustable aluminium oil pump. 
  •   Comes with a 20" bar.

Price: $1,299.00 inc

This Item is Pickup Only
Manufacturer: Oleo-mac
Engine Type: 2-Stroke
Engine CC/KW: 4.7 HP - 3.5 kW/63.4 cm3
Bar Length: 46 - 51 - 67 - 71 cm/18” - 20” - 24” - 28”
Oiler: Automatic/adjustable/zero flow rate at idle speed
Fuel Capacity: oil 0.45 L/ fuel 0.80 L
Weight: 6.3 kg
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